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For those who wish to converse with Miss Aly Homewood, kindly leave messages here.
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Due to the nature of Aly's powers, I am setting up a reverse permissions
post. If you are okay with Aly being able to use the full extent of her Sight
(including detection of the presence of power, non-human status, riftie
status, illness, pregnancy, poison, and–most importantly–lies
please comment with the form below along with any other notes you
feel are pertinent. Also feel free to message me as a mun.

I may also IM you before threading to confirm for any specific instances


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How to reach player?
PM: alltheircrimesarejust
AIM: MusettaWaltzing
email: malaiseair AT gmail DOT com
etc: Gtalk and MSN are also options

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: I'm happy to take on new tags until the cows come home
Threadhopping with this character: Sure, just let me know beforehand?
Fourthwalling: No
Canon puncture: No
Offensive subjects: Aly is comfortable with violence and treachery. However, as the mun, I would please like to keep away from anything involving non-consensual sexual situations. Should they arise, Aly will likely avert them with knives.

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: She's heterosexual and heteroromantic, but that may change if she meets the right person
Hugging this character: Sure
Flirting with this character: She'll flirt right back
Giving this character a kiss: You can try but if she doesn't want it, she'll make it known.
Something more intimate: Contact the mun first and let me know
Relationships: Depends
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: No. Absolute no.
Fighting with this character: If necessary
Injuring this character: Contact mun first
Killing this character: No
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: It's possible that her powers will allow her to block them.
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The Player
Name/nickname: Ria
Age: 24
Pronouns: Female, she/her/etc
Contact: malaiseair at gmail dot com, musettawaltzing at AIM
Experience: I have been text-style roleplaying at the game Tabula Rasa on and off for four years as well as recently joining the cast of Darrow
Currently played characters:
Tabula Rasa: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (How to Train Your Dragon), Bay Kennish (Switched at Birth), Avatar Korra (Legend of Korra), and Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit)
The City Never Sleeps (Darrow): Agatha Prenderghast (ParaNorman)

The Character
DW account: aly_brighteyes
Name: Alianne of Pirate's Swoop
Alias: Aly, Aly Homewood
Age/Birthdate: 17, February 21
Species: Human
Canon: Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen, novels by Tamora Pierce
Canon point: A few days after the elopement of the elder Balitang daughter and the realization that her younger sister, Dove, is now a candidate for queen.
Played By: Alison Lohman

 photo crazyhair_zps1db7fd8e.jpg ( )

Aly has what is called the Sight and in a particularly rare and potent form. Her Sight allows her to see pregnancy, illness, magic, godhood, or other powers in humans; detect poisons in food and drink; detect whether someone is friend or foe; See whether a person's words are lies or truth; night vision; and See objects very far in the distance in clear detail.

The Rift has expanded her powers to also detect other forms of anomalies, such as whether a person is an alien or has passed through the rift.

Aly has also been trained in the spying arts since she was in the cradle. As such she can pick locks, use several codes, communicate via hand signs, pick pockets, enter a room and leave it exactly as it was, read lips, understand body language, and investigation and deduction. She also knows hand-to-hand combat as well as combat with one of the several knives she carries on her person. She was also taught through the god, Kyprioth, to speak to crows.

She is also a highly trained liar. Aly has been taught how to beat both truth drops and spells by sinking into a mental construct called The Liar's Palace. When she is mentally in that state, she can continue to speak untruths despite magical or chemical influence otherwise.

Aly is seventeen years old and stands about 5'6'' and is slightly underweight. She has short red blonde hair, mischievous hazel eyes, a wide mouth with a full lower lip, and a small, delicate nose that shows signs of once being broken. There are a number of scars on her body, though most are concealed by her clothing. Most noticeable are the scar in her eyebrow and the one that circles her whole neck, indicating that she once wore a slave collar. She tends to wear her clothes slightly looser than fashion might dictate, to hide the knives on her person.

Personality: The first and most important thing to know about Aly is that her patron god is the Trickster Kyprioth. In turns, she can be seemingly frivolous and playful, well-known as a practiced flirt. Her easy humor and teasing conversation are often genuine, but they are only the first layer on the girl. Her same easy manner is just as often a tool, used to coax marks into saying more than is prudent or relax suspicions about how lethal or observant she really is.

As a girlchild, Aly often encouraged the impression that she was a feckless child without direction, particularly as she wasn't allowed to pursue spywork. Constantly pecked about her lack of focus while her brothers had chosen to become a mage and a knight while she was denied her own passion could make Aly difficult, particularly in the face of her famous mother, Lady Knight Alanna. As she puts it, “You try being the daughter of a legend. It’s a great deal like work!” She and Alanna love one another, but Aly’s refusal to act serious when it’s demanded of her drives her businesslike mother mad. And, much as she loves her Da and gets along with him perhaps better than any other person, there is no refuge from those expectations from him.

However, her induction to the Raka Rebellion gave her a chance to truly apply her skills, giving Aly a new focus. As the rebels' spymaster, Aly is completely dedicated with a razor concentration to the gathering and dissemination of information that will help the cause to put a twice-royal queen on the throne. Not that that serious responsibility prevents Aly from being an impertinent minx who holds her own against nobles and gods themselves, ready with a quip or tease in all but the worst situations. Like her mother and father, before her eighteenth birthday even comes about she already has the deaths of several people to weigh on her mind, either by her own hand or by her own machinations. That is the price of a rebellion.

Alianne of Pirate's Swoop was no stranger to extraordinary people. Her own mother was Alanna the Lioness, the first female knight in a century as well as a powerful mage and acting King's Champion. Her father, George Cooper, began as the city's king of thieves before becoming the Tortallan spymaster. Her godsparents and adoptive aunts and uncles included the King and Queen, one of the most powerful mages of the realm, and Daine the Wild-Mage. Surrounded as she was by powerful and focused people, many had to wonder why Aly was seemingly content to laze around the castle and flirt with boys. In no small part it was because her powerful aptitude for spywork was held back when her father had refused to let Aly serve as an agent in the field.

But, as the gods meddled in her parents' lives, so too did they in Aly's. Thanks to the trickster Kyprioth, Aly was swept away to the nearby kingdom of the Copper Isles as a slave given to the Balitang family. As the Isles' mad king sent the Balitangs into exile, Kyprioth revealed himself to Aly with a wager; keep the Balitang children alive through the summer and he would send her home and convince her father to make her a spy.

With the family in exile, it took Aly little time to realize there was a conspiracy centered around the eldest two Balitang girls. The half-raka (dark skinned native islander), half-luarin (light-skinned descendent of the islands’ conquerors) Saraiyu and Dovasary had royal blood from the luarin ruling family as well as a hidden branch of the old Raka royalty. With time, Aly became an integral part of the conspiracy, acting as its spy. When the summer came near an end, Aly played her part in stopping an attack and saving the girls, and realized that while she won the wager, she wanted to stay and see the rebellion through.

When the Balitang family returned to the capital from exile, Aly was busily working as conspiracy spymaster. She had set up a complex network of spies to gather information for her, using it to aid the other members of the conspiracy by disseminating information and using secretive tactics and tricks to breed fear and hatred of the current nobility. All seemed to be going according to plan until Saraiyu, the elder sister, ran off to elope with a foreigner. This pushed Dovasary, the quieter, more diplomatic sister, to the forefront. At first, many in the city were shaken up by the change in plans and even Kyprioth was convinced it was all ruined and threatened to kill Aly before he, and the raka, were all convinced that Dove was actually the better candidate.

Writing Sample:

Anything else?
Aly will be arriving with two bloblike creatures called Darkings, hidden in the shape of a necklace. The Darkings, Trick and Secret, are intelligent and sentient and are used in Aly's spywork.


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